Plan International and partners are building an open-source digital CRVS system that works in every country and for every individual. OpenCRVS will be free and adaptable for different country contexts, designed with and for the people it serves.

The software is intended to be easy to deploy and requires minimal skills for customisation, maintenance and support.


Project 1: Implement “Correct Record” functionality

OpenCRVS is developed by New Legacy Digital (NLD). To get the most out of engaging community developers, there is an opportunity for community contributors to work with the NLD core team to develop key functionalities that contribute to the core product. In this way, quality is upheld and the product evolves and gains more value to its users, at the same time giving developers a unique development experience on a real-world problem and contributing to a Digital Public Good.

These are some user stories detailing the functionality desired:

  • “Correct Record” functionality: As a registration agent, I want to be able to correct specific details of a record (e.g. date of birth), so that it reflects the most accurate information available
    • Request correction: As a community agent I want to send a request to the appropriate authority to correct a record so that it reflect the correct details
    • Authorize correction request: As a Registrar or Reg Agent, I want to check the client’s ID, so that I can ensure they are authorised to request the correction
    • Store reason for correction: As a Registrar or Reg Agent, I want to record the reason for the correction of the selected field, so that I can track the record history effectively.
    • Send for approval, review & action correction request: As a Registrar or Reg Agent, I want to review the correction request, so that i can confirm before submitting. As a Registrar or Reg Agent, I want to see a list of records I have requested corrections for, so that I review their progress
    • Re-print certificate and receipt and record payment for correction: As a Registrar or Reg agent, I want to print a new birth certificate with the corrected changes so that the client has an updated document. As a Registrar or Reg agent, I want to print a receipt for the correction request, so that I can provide it to the client
    • View status and store correction as audit item: As a System Administrator, I want to see an audit trail of the corrections that have been made do that I can effectively keep records.


  • GitHub repository:
  • Tech Stack: OpenCRVS is a full-stack Typescript application. The client applications are built in React and Redux. The backend consists of a GraphQL gateway, an OpenSource NodeJS FHIR interoperability layer, backend microservices written in NodeJS and an OpenSource database server using MongoDB. NLD requires Full Stack developers who are comfortable working in Typescript, with experience of React / Redux, NodeJS (Express or HapiJS) and Jest testing. The developers must be expert in GIT and practice Pure Functional Programming. If the developers have experience with GraphQL it will help.