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Primero™ is an open source software platform that helps social services, humanitarian and development workers manage protection-related data, with tools that facilitate case management, incident monitoring and family tracing and reunification.

The projects listed below were originally posted for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020 at DIAL Open Source Center.

Project 1: Primero Platform integration with RapidPro

This project involves work to integrate the Primero case management and incident monitoring functionality with a RapidPro open source communication platform. Significant investment has been made in these two applications which are both positioned as Digital Public Goods. These apps cover a broad range of use cases for rights-based programming and can directly contribute to the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals. More info.

Project 2: Develop Primero GDPR compliance tools

This project will work to build new features to support user’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements. Currently, the Primero platform is being used by more than 50 organizations around the world. As a digital public good, we anticipate that this number will increase significantly in the coming years. Although Primero’s current feature set includes many privacy features (audit logs, role-based access, granular confidentiality settings) there are a number of unmet requirements.These include: redress features, right to be forgotten. More info.

Project 3: Primero user customization package

Primero is an app designed to help social services workers with their day-to-day work. It is very important that the end user feels that they can “fine tune” the application to meet their ongoing needs for managing information. This project focuses on front end user customization (skins) that allow improvements to the application’s design and experience. The candidate selected may want to explore integration with 3rd party tools such as user-owned calendars provided by Google or Outlook, develop a tool for improved user management and selection of avatars, UI theme/look-and-feel support, or other such customization tools. More info.

Project 4: Integrate Rapid Pro Courier Message Broker Module with Primero

Rapid Pro used to be a monolithic app but it has now been separated into modules. The message broker was rewritten into Go which compiles into a lightweight standalone binary. The backend is pluggable, so we would like to add our own Primero backend to read and write messages directly from within Primero. The broker supports over 36 different channel types - so that is SMS aggregators like Twilio and IP channels like Facebook, Telegram and Whatsapp. More info.