StoryWeaver is an open source platform by Pratham Books for multilingual children’s stories. It addresses all the issues around the lack of content by using an open access framework and technology as force multipliers combined with a platform that supports translation and re-mixing av stories.


Project 1: SDK for StoryWeaver reader experience

StoryWeaver progressive web app (PWA) has a content reader experience built which allows easy consumption of stories (both online/offline) on the platform for children who are in the stage of developing the conceptual model of associating words with their corresponding visual representation. This project would aim to build a Software Development Kit (SDK) which could allow porting this reader experience to mobile platforms (Android/iOS).

Expected Impact: The easy to use web reader experience availability via SDK would encourage developers on mobile platforms to recreate the seamless reading experience on mobile.

Deliverable: SDK for reader experience with a dummy Android app using the SDK for the currently available PWA reader experience


Project 2: Predictive Multilingual search on StoryWeaver

StoryWeaver supports story consumption in ~280 languages including a lot of underserved languages. The aim of this project is to build a predictive search platform which supports this large language scalability.

Expected Impact: A predictive search available in native underserved languages would help users easily discover high quality content available on the platform.

Deliverable: A multilingual predictive search module using open-source tools like ElasticSearch which can be integrated on the current StoryWeaver platform.